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Please find this short video explaining what we do here at Mini Wonders!

So... about the name. We're asked regularly why Mini Wonders?

Here's a little note from our director Neil on why:

"Thinking of a name was one of the hardest decisions when branching out into Mini Wonders. We wanted something that represented how we felt about each and every young person who came through the door, and every step (no matter how big or small) taken towards your goals. We know you are wonderful, you give us so much inspiration and awe, you have all personally taught us so much with your resilience, determination and approach to life - you are our MINI WONDERS!"

Mini Wonders Children's Physiotherapy is a passionate, patient centred physiotherapy service based in Chelmsford, Essex with over 10 years of experience, treating well over a thousand children.

We specialise in the treatment of children and young people with neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Acquired Brain Injury, Down's syndrome and many more. Our aim is to create a safe space and community feel to our service so your amazing children and young people feel positive, empowered and determined to progress. We want you, the parents, to feel you always have place to come and chat, no matter the challenges.

Our clinic is packed full of specialist equipment available including Therasuit, vibration plates, electrical stimulation (including Walkaide 2 and Omni Hi Five), interactive and inclusive gaming and Spider Therapy. We also offer community services, allowing us to deliver expert physiotherapy directly to you at home, gym, hospice or school.

Since Mini Wonders opened to the community in 2020, we have grown from strength to strength, and recently opened our spacious clinic in Essex and expanding out team. We now have plans to develop this clinic with more gym equipment for a specialist adaptive and accessible gym space! We are also very proud to be able to offer our satellite clinic in the beautiful Inverness, Scotland and support an ever-growing number of families that have been attending for almost 10 years.

We appreciate that times get very hard when transitioning into young adulthood where services are very stretched and only able to offer limited support. So, we are excited to be able to offer our new TRANSITIONAL service to all of our young people moving into the next chapter of their lives!

Our fun and engaging treatment approach ensures we get the best out of the children, young people or young adults that we work with. Contact us today and learn how our specialist team can help your child or young person reach their maximum goals and potential.


Available therapies include:

  • Spider therapy
  • Pre and Post SDR surgery rehabilitation
  • Specialist EHCP advice with written report
  • Experienced Case Management support
  • Therasuit
  • Gait training and re-education
  • Treadmill training
  • Inclusive gym sessions and equipment advice  
  • Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI)

  • Electrical stimulation devices to include;
  • Foot drop stimulators (Walkaide 2 and Saebo products)
  • Omni Hi Five specialist upper limb electrical stimulation

  • K-taping
  • Vibration therapies
  • Bamboo brace
  • Hydrotherapy sessions and pool building advice
  • Orthotic prescription advice (with links to local independent services)
  • Joint working with other professionals with specialist SALT and OT working in our clinic

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Postural management plans
  • Scoliosis treatment
  • Functional task training

Conditions we treat  


Cerebral Palsy

Acquired brain injury & Traumatic brain injury

Spinal cord injuries/Spina bifida

Gross motor delay and global developmental delay (GDD)


Angelman syndrome

Down's syndrome

Oncology and cancer

All genetic disorders



Pre & post SDR rehab

Musculoskeletal injury

Rett syndrome 


Spinal muscular atrophy 
Neurodevelopmental conditions 


The Clinic